We offer workshops, classes and personalized experiences with our wellness experts. Our Yorgasmics are ready to present you the most innovative breakthroughs in personal transformation, sexuality, yoga, dance, and nutrition. Meet our team, and make them a part of your next event!
Yorgasmic Intro to Sex Energetics
Karina Velasco

Are you curious to know more about sexuality and new ways to relate? We invite you to discover Tantra, Tao and sex energetics. In this workshop we will give you the basics to start exploring the energy of pleasure, creativity, motivation and awareness in your life. Explore in a safe space the origins of this energy with meditations and energy practices.


Yorgasmic Dance
Karina Velasco

This class is a mix of ecstatic dance, contact improvisation and flexibility movements. Surprise yourself with the capacity your body has to move in different ways. Express who you are, what you think and feel,dancing to amazing music. This dance uses the three keys to activate the orgasmic energy: breath, sound and movement. Enjoy the life-force energy and let your body move freely.


Yorgasmic Yoga
Karina Velasco

Learn to practice yoga or take it to another level connecting with your body and energy channels. Activate your life force energy with asanas and using the three tools of orgasmic energy: breath, sound and movement. Activate this energy and take it to your everyday life, creating more joy, openness and creativity.


Yorgasmic Be Free
Karina Velasco

This event is  exclusively for women who want to optimize their lives and express themselves freely. Karina gives you all the tools so you can love and be yourself. This is a transformative experience that will change the way you think and will reinforce what you want. Freedom, love, passion,abundance and a healthy relationship with yourself and others.



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