Cacao ... The new emotional medicine
By: Karina VelascoDecember 09, 2018Views: 168

Cacao is known as medicine for its various effects: aphrodisiac, energetic, vasodilator, diuretic and cholesterol reducer, among other benefits. Nowadays, it is also being given another different use.

 There is a new trend emerging,  "cacao ceremonies", in which, with 42 grams of pure cacao per person, the effect of sitting is somewhat different. Many report, in addition to body heat and feeling more energetic, a strong release in the heart. In the right context, this may support some to work on emotional issues which they had not previously paid attention.

Men who tend to be rigid and not show their sensitivity, feel sadness that seemed asleep and cacao risses it to the surface, taking off weight off their shoulders. There are interesting cases with this modality, specially for being such a common food.

 In any case, cacao has always been and will continue to be a very special fruit, valued for thousands of years in the humid lands of southern Mexico to South America as a ceremonial medicine.



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