No longer excited to have sex? Activate your Dopamine
By: Karina VelascoMay 25, 2018Views: 73

After a few years of being in a relationship we become less excited about having sex. Most of us think is because we are no longer attracted in the same way, or no longer interested in sex. What really happens it's our brain no longer produces dopamine with our partner. This hormone activates our passion and excitement. Our oxytocin overflows the dopamine and we feel more a strong connection and bonding with that person.

When we know this is the deal, there is no problem. It's only our biology. The good news is that we can create dopamine in many different ways. Exploring new sexy ways of making love, hiking or doing sports, traveling and doing any activity for the first time. That is why so many couples that give themselves a weekend in a romantic gateway end up having amazing sex.

Try any of these with your partner or lover before engaging sexually. This will pump up the dopamine and will make you feel that passion again.


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