Flirting is good for you!
By: Karina VelascoNovember 12, 2018Views: 125

Flirting is to behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions. From my perspective it is a way to express how we enjoy someone else company. When we flirt we open ourselves and become more receptive, two important qualities in order to really connect with the other person.

It's also a confidence booster! when you bring that energy out to the world you feel in your center, aware of your attractiveness and personal power. It feels good, our oxytocin and dopamine activate, creating desire, satisfaction and bonding. Flirting brings out your sexiness, your sexual energy is moved and no matter what unfolds we feel good in our bodies and energy.

Flirting means we are open to possibilities and enjoying the moment without our stories and beliefs of what a relationship should mean. It is a break in our minds from dating and the idea of having sex. It's just flowing with the idea of pleasure and possibility. Try it!



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