Warming up the Body
By: Karina VelascoJanuary 17, 2019Views: 200
Photo Peter Krantz

The alarm clock rings, you are determined to start your day with a great attitude, and ouch! The neck or back complain about leaving the bed. What to do? Our body needs to warm up! If there is no one at your side who will warm you, you can do it yourself.

Wake your body: touch and move to wake it up, tell your body how much you appreciate it. Take one or two minutes to feel it and appreciate it's health and beauty. If you don't feel this way, remember: Say it until you believe it!

 Stand up on your side so you do not force your back, lean on your hands and as you sit, stretch your legs and bring your head down, stretching your spine during deep breaths that charge you with oxygen, pure energy! Now move it lovingly from side to side, and up and down.

You're ready to stand. Stretch up and lift your arms , like a cat that awakens its power and prepares to launch into adventure. You can even accompany it with a sound that gives you strength and possibly laughter.

It’s all about good attitude to boost your energy.



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