Twists and detox! In what order?
By: Karina VelascoNovember 13, 2018Views: 96

Twists support internal fire, activating change and transformation, eliminating toxins and supporting our organs as well as our spine, creating space and compression, hence a little-seen topic. Which side did I turn first?

Almost all yoga postures are usually started by turning to the right. In the case of torsions, this is even more important. Why? Turning to the right, we are activating liver, pancreas and spleen, thus facilitating purification processes, and for this reason it is said that it accelerates the organism. When you turn left, it becomes slower and passive. That is why we activate and relax. Remember that fire is the one supporting the transformation of food into energy and that allows us to clean and circulate our blood. That is the importance of doing twists in our daily practice.

 Whether at the floor level or as I have explained in my book The Art of healthy living, always include in your daily exercise a few twists. Feel the fire and activate your body.



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