How to rest peacefully ! Closing cycles of the day
By: Karina VelascoJanuary 17, 2019Views: 70

We mentioned in another article some relaxation techniques before going to bed. Although relaxing the nervous system is vital, letting go of what we have experienced during the day and giving closure to what happened is just as important.

For this, we will do a simple exercise at bedtime that not only supports release mental and emotional tensions of the day, but also helps to develop our memory and make connections of situations and internal processes.

Just recapitulate your day, what situations did you live and how did they move you? Who did you meet and how were these encounters? What did you do or create? It should not take more than 5 minutes. It is not a matter of analyzing, simply observing what has happened since you woke up.

Ready? Now give thanks for your day and let go of that which didn’t please you. It's like closing the files before shutting down the computer. Save what you want to preserve and erase what you no longer need. Whatever has happened, be happy for this day of learning, knowing that tomorrow you will wake up stronger and wiser.



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