4 easy steps to start thinking clearly!
By: Karina VelascoSeptember 20, 2018Views: 76

Clarity of mind is the most important aspect to be able to create the life we want. When clarity is not present we are confused, anxious and worried. We make decisions with lack of clarity and out of fear, we often make choices that aren’t satisfying or the best for us.

Follow these steps to have a clear mind:

1- Psychological boundaries

 Discern the content you let into your mind. Not everything you read, no matter how good or beneficial it sounds, it’s for you. Stay open-minded to understand that there is no absolute truth and choose what makes sense to you!

2- Connect and listen to your body’s needs

 Ask your body: What type of diet do I need?  How does this situation make me feel? What exercise do I enjoy?

 If we listen to our own body and mind life would be easier. Our mental clarity would be optimal because all the external voices can cloud our thinking.

 3-Observe the sensations

Our body has a subtle way to tell you if that way of thinking feels good or not. Be aware of the feeling and sensation in your body.

 4-Eat this food in moderation.

 Sugar: It causes health problems, sends insulin levels off balance and depletes your adrenal glands, affecting the pancreas. All this leads to experience higher energy moments and then experience a low. This zigzag of energy in the long run will make you feel fatigued, tired and with no energy.

 Alcohol: At first glance we think it helps us relax, but what it does is the opposite. It is a stressor that causes aging process to happen faster. When we take more than two glasses of wine, our clarity of mind wanders and our actions and thoughts are left on the surface without any real consciousness about them.

 Refined carbohydrates: white bread, white rice and flour don’t have nutrients and turn into sugar and fat, thus using that energy for digestion instead of using it for thinking.

Think clearly and you will make the best choices for yourself and others!




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