How to create healthy changes in your life!
By: Karina VelascoJanuary 08, 2019Views: 230
5 steps to a healthier and happier life

Having positive changes are simple but not easy. How can we change all the thing we don't like in our life. They can be thoughts, habits or situations.

This process can be difficult because our mind and emotions are connected to our body. We are a whole unit. Therefore, it is important that we are aligned in all the aspects of our being to make a shift.

If you take care of your body, it is also necessary to take care of your thoughts. If our mind is intoxicated with negative thoughts and beliefs, it affects your body and emotions. 

If you are super positive but don't take action to what you want to create, nothing will happen. To achieve positive changes we need to find a balance between these three factors, body, mind and emotion. 

Here are some ideas to support you in creating positive changes:


Learning  is a never ending process and nourishes our mind. If we have different point of views and information about a topic, that supports our mind to create changes with clarity and a choice with different possibilities.


The easy gains go as they come. A durable result also requires dedication and discipline. Find ways to motivate yourself through this change.

 3-Have fun

Have fun during the transition period. Focus your energy on the benefits and not on what you are letting go. Enjoy the process and celebrate your achievements.

 4-Love yourself

You are a unique person and in order to fully love others you need to love yourself. Love is a beautiful energy to bring to your transformation process. 


It feels good to share your achievements with others. Share your story and listen to stories that inspire you. This will support your motivation.

Are you ready?



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