Yoni deliciousness.
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Sweet, sour, acidic, metallic, like lemon, salty but not too sweet, sweet without being cloying, fresh: how to define the smell of a vagina, especially if you are practicing oral sex?


Well, probably if you are going down to drink in the river of elixir you are not interested in defining the flavors and smells that you receive; but there is something very funny about doing it, as if it were tasting notes when tasting a delicious wine. After all, the female sex has been the target of scathing jokes, like the pussy smells fishy, ​​for too long. But the female sex, the yoni, is a temple, and every temple deserves the deepest respect.

To know how truthful these statements are, Emily Torres conducted an informal survey among her friends and, incidentally, also with some health professionals to know if the myths about the smell and taste of the vagina are true and why.


A woman is never equal to herself.

The sexologist Carol Queen says that the smell and taste of a woman, especially in her genitals, are not always the same. This is because the hormonal balance and body chemistry of each woman is different, and it also varies around her menstrual cycle.

However, there are a couple of basic elements (which should be common sense ...) so that our smell is not uncomfortable for ourselves or our partners: personal hygiene is not negotiable, for example. 

Be careful with douching, as the extra chemical load on your flower can cause imbalances that, in addition to causing a bad smell, can be extremely uncomfortable.



The commercials of feminine hygiene products are a treatise of all the gender violence that we normalize on a daily basis, to such an extent that the "creative" advertisers use this violence to sell guilt instead of offering health:

And it is that women, for the purposes of advertising, cannot enjoy their body - and for that matter, not even menstruate, have vaginal infections, etc. The commercial girl may be in her days or she may have had wild sex with a man in the locker room of the school, but the point is that her companion observes her with a disgusted face: a reaction that, in general, men who have not given themselves the task of really knowing women, beyond the classist stereotypes of advertising.


Other factors

On the other hand, age also marks a change in the taste and smell of the vagina. According to Queen, "age affects the consistency and availability of vaginal lubrication, between puberty and menopause women have more secretions; and as the woman becomes stressed, she may tend to [have an acrid smell]. "

A curious advice from the sexologist is that shaving the pubic hair can favor the cleanliness and freshness of the vagina, because having less hair, odors are not concentrated. However, the concentration of odors can be incredibly sexy, as Jackie Strano, lead singer of the Hail Marys band says:

"My favorite pussy is well trimmed and clean ... and one that likes a lot of attention. The pussy tastes sexy-sweet-sticky-as-sweet-and-salty. 

The natural juices of women mixed with the smell and taste of their skin are something beautiful. Girls with bad diets who use a lot of drugs don’t smell that well. “


Another testimony from Torres is that of his friend "Jay", who is as much a fan of the glorious pussies as Strano, and describes his experience of oral sex: "If I like the woman I'm licking, I'll feel happy, privileged and lucky to be between your legs, and the taste will be delicious. "


And is that rather than worry about modifying or conditioning our flavors and smells, we should worry about developing and respecting our own taste: we like nothing, worth the redundancy, but what we like. And when a person attracts us, probably their smells and tastes seem not only delicious, but eventually, addictive.



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