Scientific tips to be sexy!
By: Benjamin MalikNovember 17, 2018Views: 662

Sexiness goes beyond just a word or how me look. There is a clear scientific component to it. This is the list of ten scientific tips to be sexy. This are the result of knowledge obtained in a laboratory, a research center, thanks to a methodical and systematic procedure of testing and verification- to increase the sensuality of the body and the spirit, to be more attractive but not in a hollow and empty way but, on the contrary, with all the endorsement given by science and its benefits. Some of these scientific inquiries could happen as something deceptive-the genre that uses all kinds of resources to create the illusion of beauty or erotic force-but one could also argue that in man culture is inextricable from nature, and therefore the artifice, the technique, is something natural, an inherent part of human expression.

1. Smile

The smile is the most effective natural cosmetic to enhance your physical beauty. Its impact on other people is immediate and also on yourself. In addition, it is also the most affordable, because anyone can make their profits with just the right muscles. According to the study "Integrating Gaze Direction and Expression in Preferences for Attractive Faces," people tend to play much more attractive to people who smile than to those who do not. In the case of women, happiness was considered by Canadian men the most attractive quality, over other emotions such as pride or shame and, in men, it seems that the resource causes much better impression when you smile.


2. Sleep

Rest is, from remote times, another of the usual and known practices to preserve the beauty of the body. The dream that repairs and embellishes is less a popular or maternal advice than a physical reality. According to research conducted at the Sleep Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, people who do not get enough sleep seem less attractive than those who rest well.


3. Dress in red

Whether you are a woman or a man, red is the color of physical attractiveness par excellence. In women, the color red is interpreted by men as a symbol of sexual availability and fertility, apparently as an evolutionary reminiscence of prehistoric times when the blush of the face was a consequence of high levels of estrogen in the female body, signs unambiguous mating for males. In the case of men, it is not clear why women also find more attractive those who wear red, but apparently it does. It is conjectured that, in both sexes, "the red color acts as a relevant reproductive behavior, basic and not lexicological”.


4. Men: Dirty look

Men with beards are generally perceived as sociable, while those who leave their mustaches are associated with introversion. Interestingly, those who shave are perceived by women as sociable as smart, especially when you see that subtle shadow of facial hair that begins to grow right after shaving.


5. Men, chin up; women, chin down

The first impression is what counts, ensures popular wisdom, and from a perspective of evolutionary psychology, in men this impression is much more favorable if they are shown with the chin up, which decreases the natural dimorphism of the face, while in women this same beneficial effect is achieved by lowering the chin slightly. Seen this way, the participants of the experiment that arrived at said conclusions assured that such postures increased the masculinity, the femininity and the attractiveness of each individual, respectively,


6. Men: deep and dominant voice; women, with femininity

As you can see, this whole thing is very primitive, so it is not surprising that a deep and dominant voice in a man is perceived as an attractive element in women, apparently because there is a relationship between the tone of voice and the reproductive capacity of man. In the case of women, the "femininity" of the voice, defined above all by its frequency, is predictably much more sensual for a man, although women also use this resource, more or less.


7. Watch your height (real or metaphorical)

In past times, corpulence was in men its strongest card to become a female partner, who, on the other hand, evolved to make vulnerability the foundation of its appeal. Now, however, that physical greatness can be compensated in another way: a man may not be tall, but he may earn more money than a tall man, and that is enough for a possible companion; in women, although it is still a reality that men of greater stature are much more successful reproductively than those of low, situation exactly opposite to that of women, among whom the lowest, in terms of height, are the that are more likely to reproduce.


8. Give in to the stereotype: use makeup and make the most of your breasts

It is a pity, but in the sexual field (and probably in many others), the male of Homo sapiens does little honor to this nomenclature and, on the contrary, is handled on a rather primitive and elementary level. In the case of makeup, various studies show that the same thing calls the attention of men who consider it a sign of economic solvency and even independence. Breasts have a similar but much more noticeable effect: women with large or showy breasts get much more male courtship.


9. Give in to the stereotype: be confident and safe, wasteful and muscular

Stereotypes get this name for a reason: they work. Thousands or millions of minds that believe that, indeed, masculinity is synonymous with confidence and self-confidence, like the alpha male who cares for his herd and never abandons it. Women are seduced by men whose first contact is accompanied by body language of security. Also, recent psychological research showed that less stressed men are significantly more attractive to women. To the disappointment of many, the woman seems not to be interested in the intellectual capacity of her possible man, whether it is a supermodel or a common woman, for whom intelligence is the last of the masculine qualities considered sensual.


10. The desperate solution


If none of this convinces you or, simply, you are not willing to change a bit of your personality or your physique, resort to the old trick to be accompanied by a friend who is extremely similar to you - the same height, the same skin color and hair, a similar complexion - but that is subtle or frankly less attractive than you. Surprisingly, in mating rituals, this works, or at least that is what concluded the psychologist Constantine Sedikides of the University of Southampton, England, who conducted an experiment in which, indeed, a person tends to establish an unconscious comparison between two strangers who show up together and lean towards the more attractive of the two, apparently starting from the premise that the other is someone with whom they would never leave.



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