You can tell about a women sexual history by the way she walks!
By: Ben MalikNovember 10, 2018Views: 99


Accustomed as we are to consider sexuality a taboo, a secret issue of personal intimacy, something that is not talked about openly, it is more or less common for us to try to read the non-verbal signs that help us to better understand this behavior that, although naturally simple, it is culturally complex.

In this context, a recent study by researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, say it is possible to know the sexual history of a woman just by the way she walks. The academics of the Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies of the Belgian university collected the sexual history of several women, taking into account their vaginal orgasmic capacity, which they complemented with a video record of the way they walked down the street. Besides, sexologists rated their "orgasmic status".

In the sample, half of the women were vaginally orgasmic, with a history of exclusively penile-vaginal intercourse. And while other research links the effect of orgasms on bodily health, in this the only objective was to know its consequences in the general movement of the body.

And, according to the researchers, this is the diagnosis:

Exploratory analyzes suggest that a large pelvic and vertebral rotation and the length of the stride could be characteristic of women who have experienced vaginal orgasms.


The attentive observer could infer the experience of a woman with the vaginal orgasms of a step that includes fluidity, energy, sensuality, freedom and absence of both flaccid and closed muscles.



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