Masturbation for men! New techniques
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Although almost anyone knows how to masturbate from experience, many times this act of self-love and pleasure becomes a routine, and it is always good to have new tools at hand ... or without hands.


There are different techniques that can be used. The most common is to take the skin of the penis and rub or pull up and down. One possibility is to rotate it from side to side instead of going in and out of the base. In case of being circumcised, the frenulum of the penis can be stimulated, the segment just below the glans (head). Try rubbing or touching different parts to discover new sensitive points. Change the amount of pressure you exert. Be creative. Change hands and see how you feel with each one.


Investigate other erogenous parts of your body. Play with your testicles, or maybe stimulate your nipples. Yes, men also feel pleasure in this area! And still more in the perineum, which is between the testicles and the anus. There is a myth that only gay men feel pleasure in their anus. This is very far from reality. Anal-prostatic stimulation can be a new experience, quite exciting and pleasurable for any man regardless of his sexual orientation. If you have never had the opportunity to experience it, dare to play with a finger by inserting it a little into the anus and then pressing forward to stimulate the prostate. As always when entering bodily orifices, try to wash your hands to avoid any infection.


Talk about toys, feel free to use distant tools. Male vibrators are widely used in the perineum. Many like to use lubricants like Vaseline or others based on water or oil. One of the most used techniques is to put this lubricant in a bag and introduce the penis, then put a pillow on it or simply rub against the bed. This creates a feeling of greater heat, similar to entering another body. There are those who like to use the banana peel for its softness and moisturization. In the movie American Pie they used a cake ... everyone is free to experiment.


In addition to exercising a little, using and moving the whole body helps to bring the sensation to other places, awakening the ability to be attentive to the sensations of the entire skin. This is very important to reach new horizons of pleasure and get to know you from head to toe. Become aware of the changes in your breathing. You can even see yourself in a mirror.


The key to obtaining the greatest possible pleasure lies in the principle that "you receive what you give", or rather what you give yourself. Dedicate yourself time, and look for ways to enjoy every second. Give yourself the opportunity to stop just before reaching the ejaculation; relax, breathe deeply and start again. This will increase the feeling of pleasure that will explode when you decide to ejaculate. Stop when you feel that you are "going to come", press the scrotum and hold tight muscles at the base of the testicles are just one of the many millenary techniques to get to have multiple orgasms and fill with energy and vitality every time you masturbate or have sex.



Finally, not only physical stimulation is important. The mind plays a crucial role. Many see pornography to stimulate themselves. Although it is of taste, we recommend using the imagination, because the excess visual stimulation can take us out of our sense of touch and based the experience on something external. If you are very used to using pornography, you can gradually reduce its use and try other modes of excitement.



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