How to start your homosexual sex life!
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Adolescence is already a difficult stage in anyone's life. Hormonal, physical and emotional changes are the daily bread. The social acceptance, the integration to groups that seem to be defined from parameters without reason, and the cultural pressure to fulfill duties of the age. As if that were not enough, sexual attraction and tension begin to emerge, and each one finds his way and preferences in his exploration of sexual identity. For many, many are easy to make their first sexual contacts because they are the most common in society. However, for the homosexual sector it can become more complex due to the large amount of stigmas and vague information about it.


The best way to start your sexual life is with self-exploration. You can read our articles on masturbation. So you will know what you like and what you do not, and when sharing with someone else, feel free to express and also provide experiences for your lover that you may not know.


There are probably some people who like you, and you may not know their orientation yet. You can discreetly ask them if they have ever felt anything when seeing a boy or girl. Talking about this topic informally and relaxed helps the others feel confident expressing themselves. If you ever feel the urge to kiss someone, first make sure you have eye contact and closeness to create intimacy, and if possible, do it in a private space so as not to be subject to external judgments at first. Remember that many are still unclear about their sexual identity. If they are not homosexual, it is better not to pressure or ask them to change their mind. The more respectful we are of the tastes of others, the more we will feel able to embrace ours.


The first thing to consider is that a homosexual relationship is the same as a heterosexual relationship. It is important to know the other person as well as their likes, dislikes, preferences, values, and way of seeing life. Although perhaps in the beginning you find that there is less availability of people,  you should not hurry to have sex with the first homosexual person you meet. It is possible to have casual sex, but it is much more valuable to know someone else thoroughly to have a complete experience. In this sense it is good to think about yourself first.


If you had already an experience, the most advisable thing is not to define yourself immediately and share your interests with people of great confidence. You can ask their opinion about the LGBT community or a homosexual celebrity to know their criteria. If you have homophobic tendencies, it is better not to expose yourself  at first. But if you decide to share it, say it directly, without embarrassing yourself or turning it around, you can gradually feel the support to open up socially.


It is possible that initially there is no acceptance in your home for your preference. It’s important to look for a circle in which you feel confident and can freely express yourself. Know your rights, and defend them if necessary. You may need to get some space such as hotel / motel, campsite, or the home of a family member or trusted friend.


If you go out partying, it is better to do it without drugs or alcohol, this with your teen hormones are a bad combination that can lead to malicious actions or unfounded criticism. I’s better to go out in private to have an intimate date. Be discrete about your new relationship, specially in social networks. It’s always better to maintain intimate relationships as what they are, intimate. Unless it becomes something very serious and involves more people.


The most important thing is that you enjoy your experience. That you feel in total relaxation and with enthusiasm to share and let yourself go with your lover.



Remember that social prejudices are still common and you may find few or many in your life. Don’t let this discourage you from being who you really are and expressing yourself authentically. Over time you will appreciate your own honesty and that will help you break barriers and be you in total freedom.



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