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It’s not secret, many have or have had a romantic getaway. Beyond the "good and bad" of an unfaithful adventure, we find that there are certain cultures that have more tendencies to have affairs. Thus, there are places in the world where "cheating" is quite common.


Let's start with the king of kings, Thailand. A country marvelously diverse as its people, and worthy to note that 56% of the population has declared to be unfaithful, in addition to having a fairly open perspective on sexuality, accepting and even providing dignity and recognition to transsexuals, called "ladyboys" , who are the main sex workers in the country. Right there in Asia we find similar trends in sexual adventures, such as in South Korea and Malaysia, with just over 30% of the population declaring their infidelity.


In Europe, continent with a much higher acceptance of sexuality than other regions of the world, Denmark and Italy are noted with 46%, followed by Germany, France, Norway, Belgium, Spain, England and Finland, all with a high index. Some consider the latter as the most unfaithful, although the ranking varies from survey to survey.


Here in America the thing is just as hot, and of course, if the term "Latin lover" has been won with sweat and sex. The country that admits the most relationships outside of partnership are the beautiful Colombia, with Brazil, Uruguay and Chile very close. Mexico also has a considerable although doubtful participation, since some polls show it as an unfaithful country and others as the most faithful of all. Some sociologists believe that there is a guilty tendency with regard to sex and infidelity, which could hide more than in other countries.


And since we are talking about these adventurous nations, it is necessary to name their counterpart. As mentioned, Mexico is considered fairly faithful, as are the United States, Venezuela and Ecuador. Again it is difficult to know if the data is accurate or if moral standards do not allow it to be verified.



It is necessary to clarify that Muslim countries do not figure among these polls because sex is much less spoken in an open manner, and of course, the consequences for infidelity can even be criminal. Therefore, the data is scarce, although this does not limit the possibility that it exists.



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