Premature ejaculation, why is it really happening.
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Nobody likes the party to end soon. To finish the race when you just started running can be very frustrating. However, premature ejaculation is quite common, as well as being the most frequent sexual problem in men.


Alfred Kinsey mentioned in 1950 that 75% of men ejaculate in less than 2 minutes after penetration in more than half of their sexual relations. Although this 2-minute mark was used as a reference for a long time, nowadays it is spoken of premature ejaculation as the lack of ejaculatory control that intervenes with the sexual and emotional well-being of one or both lovers. And this is clear because it can lead to a feeling of "not being enough" in bed, and not be able to give pleasure to your partner, which can lead to low self-esteem, or in the case it can create in your partner dissatisfaction and lack of pleasure . There are cases in which there is ejaculation even before penetration. Clinically, between 30% and 40% of men have this disorder.


Although the possibility has been attributed to a physiological level of a lack of serotonin, almost all cases are treated in a psychological way. It is believed that 60% of the cases are due to stress and anxiety, due to the daily routine as well as the nervousness that generates the same sexual act, the lack of self-esteem and the pressure to fulfill expectations in the sexual capacity. Sexual repression can create a feeling of guilt that can also cause premature ejaculation. The difficulty of the situation is that each time anxiety is generated by poor sexual performance, the problem becomes worse and more rooted in the mentality of the patient. Therefore, many begin with this problem in their teens when they first have sex, which commonly ends soon by nervousness and overexcitement of a new experience. If anxiety and guilt is created on these occasions, the disorder becomes chronic.


There are cases in which there is great sensitivity in the penis which creates more stimulation and causes premature ejaculation. In any case, the first treatment is through changing the mentality of the patient regarding their sexuality. The important thing is to learn to relax, and get used to the sensations of excitement, breathing deeply, and avoiding choppy breathing. The most common technique of sexual practice is "Stop and continue", stopping the stimulation or movement to feel the orgasm close (with a partner or through masturbation) for half a minute or until the sensation has passed. Then proceed to continue stimulating until you reach this limit again and stop.  Practice until your partner approaches orgasm and both can end at the same time. In case you have self practice, you can prolong it as much as you want. If the erection is lost, istimulate again to have continuous erections and thus lengthen the stimulation time.


Another technique is the strengthening of the pubococcygeal muscles, which are also responsible for stopping the flow of urine. Exercising by continuously squeezing and relaxing these muscles creates greater control of them and can help slow ejaculation.



If the man has a partner, the participation of the same is extremely important, because the patience and support of this person or a third party are essential to get rid of fears, shame, inferiority complexes and increase their self-esteem. In this, everything is summarized, because even though a man ejaculates in a short time, it is the negative emotion that most affects his sexual performance and mental health.



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