How to create more pleasure and freedom
By: Lawrence LanoffJanuary 17, 2019Views: 489
As a society, I've noticed that our moral goal posts keep moving. And the ideals we strive to live by are harder and harder to meet.
That leaves us spending a lot of time feeling like we aren't doing enough and aren't good enough. That feeling tends to lead us to a depressive mindset
Which is fine if we believe we will get our rewards in heaven. But if we don’t believe that, we are faced with a dilemma. 
How do we free our mind of beliefs that are ineffective or untrue, and focus on things that make us feel good, live in flow and freedom. 
In my experience, the more free your mind, the more free you are to design the life you want. 
But creating what you really want takes a certain amount of freeing your mind.  The more free your mind, the more free your life.
Fear is a powerful emotion that deeply effects the mind. Its sensation bubbles up from out deep unconscious making anything we believe “feel” real. 
But just because we believe something at a deep level, that doesn’t mean that belief is correct, nor does it mean that the feeling is correct. 
In fact, it’s often quite the opposite. 
A strong feeling about something is just a strong feeling. 99.9% of the time, it means nothing. Yet we act as if what we feel is real.
And nothing is still a thing, and that thing is what our minds are experts in trying to explain. Especially if we are trying to make sense out of the non-sensical nature of reality. 
Even though we believe, good things happen to good people for expample, if we have been alive for more than a minute, we recognize the silliness of this statement. 
And that is reality.  Recognition of messiness and paradox.
The beautiful thing about reality is that when we see clearly, we are able to make better and better life decisions. One of those decisions is pleasure.
Pleasure and freedom give us the opportunity to live this life, here and now, according to the rules of the life we want to create for ourselves and the people we love. 
Pleasure is an entirely different paradigm. It is not a world of opposites, but rather a world of abundance and expansion. 
When we feel good, it’s easy to feel even better. And when we feel better, it’s even easier to feel even better. 
Our rewards are not some time in the future, in heaven. But rather, are rewards are in how we create our lives here and now. Creating a life of simplicity, freedom, abundance, pleasure and love.
Love is something we create out of the freedom to chose the life we wish to live. 
And choosing the life we wish to live is the power of updating our beliefs to reflect the power of reality.


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