This is how to have a threesome!
By: yorgasmicJuly 19, 2018Views: 186

Many have dreamed of it, many had, and many want to experience it? It’s an exciting, fun and erotic adventure for all involved. And for the same reason it’s important to give each one a responsible and respectful place.

To achieve harmony and enjoy the experience to the fullest, you must take into account the needs, desires, and boundaries of each and every one.

The first thing is to talk about what causes your dislike, fear, or that you simply don’t want to do. Boundaries are pretty healthy it could make the experience pleasant. That way you focus on having fun and make the moment pleasant. Don’t make it very serious although being a bit uncomfortable at first may be normal. For this it creates an ideal atmosphere, good food, good music, no alcohol. For everyone to feel comfortable, we must distribute equally, giving and receiving from both people with whom we share the experience. There will be times where one and the other get more attention, and it's delicious. Just don’t leave someone without their special moment. And of course, if there will be penetration is vital to use protection at all times, and especially to be changing partners.


Remember that it’s a time to enjoy, learn, maybe break paradigms and have fun. Allow yourself to be sober and fully present after having made the choice to do it consciously and considering any type of inconvenience subsequent to the experience.







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