Objectively ... Most are unfaithful?
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By nature sexual attraction is constant and obviously this doesn’t end when marrying. Our body and libido don’t understand signed contracts. The exciting call for a new adventure ends up manifesting itself in "infidelity", having romantic relationships with someone other than the spouse. And although it is frowned upon in almost any society, the reality is that it is something much more common than puritan circles would like.


In Spain alone, different studies of social behavior have shown that between 40% and 60% of people are unfaithful. Some statistics give higher percentages for men than for women and some others the opposite. The truth is that we are talking about half of the population "cheating" , unless this is spoken in an open and consensual way. The Faculty of Psychology and the Institute of Social Research of the UNAM found that almost half of the infidelities are made with friends, followed by coworkers, casual people and finally sex workers. This demonstrates the importance of trust, friendship and accompaniment beyond physical pleasure.


Nowadays cyber dating portals have taken an impressive boom, and this has allowed many and many who wanted an escape from their marriage routine to access a possible couple in a few seconds. In only one of these networks with 55 million users, it has been estimated that 33% of married women find a sexual partner. This site, which operates in 36 countries, has determined that Mexico has the highest percentage of extramarital encounters, with 44%.


In Chile, a consultation on infidelity was carried out, in which it was found that there is greater acceptance of it in older age groups than young people. The percentage was twice the population between 45 and 54 years of age than those between 18 and 24 years. This could be due to a greater openness to communication and sexual expression, and to the high rate of infidelity that existed or still exists in the generation of their parents who hid these secrets.



The reality is that half of the people decide to continue to experience their sexuality with others and still others being married. According to some psychologists, the vast majority look for another partner to relive the lost sexual passion with their stable partner, and for lack of interest or attention on the part of this simply as a partner. It is natural to want to be motivated with someone who cares about you, listens to you, and gives you pleasure. It is the engine of our fire and a huge part of our lives. The danger lies in deception, lying,  and when it becomes a tool to harm the one who has gone away. Communication, clarity and honesty are extremely important in order not to run over the other in search of their own well-being.



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