Is marriage ending?
By: YorgasmicJanuary 17, 2019Views: 226

The institution that marked the social structure for many years is undergoing a great change, and it does not take a sociologist to realize how it has evolved over the last 40 years. Before they married at 15, now the average is between 27 and 30 years. Divorce also used to be something even illegal, and today it’s growing considerably.


Although there are still populations such as the indigenous communities of Purépecha Michoacan where "If you are 17 and you are not married, you are already ...", the reality is that the world is giving a totally new meaning to marriage. In Mexico alone, INEGI, which is responsible for taking demographic data throughout the country, has recorded a considerable decrease in the number of marriages each year, and an increase in divorces. The divorce-marriage ratio, 10 divorces per 100 marriages, went from 4.4 in 1980 to 18.6 in 2013. It should be remembered that the general population continues to grow, and to continue the trend as marriage we know it could disappear at some point. Also to consider is that this takes into account post-divorce marriages. So common is the divorce that measures have been instituted to carry out "express divorces," in which the will of a single spouse is necessary to dissolve the marriage.


The most striking case worldwide is probably Belgium, which has a divorce rate of 70%, followed by Portugal with 68%, Hungary with 67%, Czech Republic with 66% and Spain with 61%. All these countries have also seen a huge change in their marriage rates, that is, of marriages per capita, in recent years.


According to family psychologists and other experts on the subject, the major causes of divorce are: lack of mutual respect, lack of identity as unique individuals for codependency, excessive control over the decisions and ways of being of the other, lack of intimacy and relationships love and / or sex, and finally lack of money. All this generates conflicts that if they are not solved successfully, ends up separating the partners.



In an age where the individual is being re-valued as the owner of his own life, and in which types of relationships are diversifying as much as tastes and options, it is hard to believe that such an old institution can stand erect with the hustle of modernity. Yet there are those who lead a happy marriage and it is admirable as the one who decides to live on his own or in another type of relationship. The important thing in the end is that each one and one make their decision conscientiously and take responsibility for it, accepting when something may be better for one or both parties. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the average marriage age has grown, and you may find this trend to be somewhat stable over time.



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