Are Condoms really safe?
By: yorgasmicJuly 11, 2018Views: 35

Amidst an overwhelming flood of sexually transmitted infections (STDs), condoms have been the staple of many fronts in the quest to reduce these illnesses as well as unwanted pregnancies. Has it been achieved?


In the US alone, one in two people get an STD before age 25, and half of new HIV infections occur in the population younger than 25, mostly because of sexual intercourse. Is the condom ineffective? Experts believe that its inefficiency lies in its misuse.


About a quarter of the population who contracted STDs accepted having had problems with the condom: Putting the condom upside down and then turning it over, having it removed before terminating intercourse, feeling discomfort about the size when using it, which broke during use , or lost of erection while wearing it. All these factors do not allow the proper functioning of the condom and therefore its effectiveness looks quite if not totally reduced. This is why it is so important to use it correctly to stop STDs transmission and prevent unwanted pregnancies.


Even when properly used, it has a proven effectiveness of between 85 and 97% to avoid STDs and 98% to avoid pregnancies. In 1-3% of women semen can be found in the vaginal duct even though they have used condoms properly. The use of male and female condoms at the same time is not recommended, they are designed to be used on their own. What is important is to use it at all times, be it vaginal, anal or oral sex. Only in case of allergy to latex should another form of protection be considered.



Remember that there is no better protection than knowing your sexual partner well, taking tests from time to time and being honest at all times. Within the practice of tantra, there are also ways to ejaculate, that is, not to shed semen. All this takes time and arduous practice. The best thing in case of any doubt is to always use the condom. Therefore the campaigns of condom use must always be accompanied by an awareness of the correct way to use it. It is only a single occasion that a mistake is made to obtain undesired results. It is not a miracle remedy, but it can be a great ally.



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