The nutritional value of the semen
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There are those who play with it, who prefer better not to see or touch it, and who eat it with pleasure. Beyond fetish and personal tastes, there is a truth: This liquid is full of nutrients.

The semen is mostly alkaline prostatic fluid, seminal fluid and sperm, the cells in charge of passing the genetic information that is produced in the testicles by spermatogenesis. Seminal and prostatic liquids contain sugars, proteins and fatty acids that nourish sperm, and components that neutralize the acidity of the vagina, and lubricate the urethral ducts. Among them we find, depending on the diet and age of man, a concentration of 200 different proteins, and vitamins, minerals like calcium, vitamin C, citric acid, fructose, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamin B12 and zinc. The amount of sperm varies from 200 to 400 million per ejaculation.


The volume of ejaculated semen is approximately one tablespoon. Even with so many nutrients, we could not receive the necessary amount of any of these. So do not get excited or try to convince someone to eat them just for their benefits. By the way, there are those who enjoy ingesting it, and even there are chefs who use semen as part of their recipes. Amazing? Just look for Paul "Fotie" Photenhauser and his book "Natural Harvest". Let's see who wants to try it ...


 On the other hand ... it has some interesting properties for health. There are studies that show that women who receive semen in their vaginal tracts more often tend to be less prone to depression than those who are always related to condoms. In addition, it reduces the possibilities of preeclampsia and by its content of melatonin, helps to regulate the cycles of sleep. Of course, you have to take into account the possibility of contracting some type of std or pregnancy. It is advisable to always protect yourself when you are not with a stable partner and the menstrual cycles are not well known. Common sense is important.



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