The sexiest 5 countries in the world!
By: yorgasmicDecember 11, 2018Views: 142

Durex brand, known globally for its condoms, was given the task of investigating sexual satisfaction in different countries, taking into account some guidelines: love and mutual respect between couples / lovers, ability to reach orgasm, release of stress, sexual dysfunction, mental and physical health, and the frequency of sexual activity per week.

Reviewing these data, we can see that the countries with the greatest sexual repression, that is, where sexual education is minimal and where social taboos are greater, not only present in general less sexual satisfaction, but also higher rates of adolescent pregnancy  sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

At the top of the list is Switzerland, with a sex education program some describe as immoral, teaching from a very early age the biological basis and famous for legalizing prostitution. So natural is that 32% of the population interviewed said they had ever had sex in a public park. It still has one of the lowest rates of early pregnancy and STDs.


Next is Spain, which recently won as a country with "the best lovers" when interviewing 15,000 women around the world. Many claim to have increased their satisfaction even more with a stable couple than with casual encounters. Italy is still on the list, and some are attributed to the intrinsic relationship between food and sex they have. Brazil continues in number 4, country where the majority loses their virginity in earlier ages. Greece is recognized as the place with greater openness to communication about their sexual needs. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was already talking about the stimulation of the clitoris to cause greater pleasure.



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