Gluten free Kiss
By: Karina VelascoDecember 11, 2018Views: 285

Have you given one of those kisses where you get lost in time and space? Where you don’t think and only feel those lips discovering yours, that tongue navigating through your mouth. Those kisses that surround you in an absolute sensation of magic, joy and well-being. These are the kisses I enjoy giving and receiving.

We kiss because it’s a way to connect with a person, to discover and as a preamble to see if sex will be good or not. We all learned to kiss by experience, no one gave us a specific technique or told us exactly what to do. Remember your first kiss? What was the most enjoyable kiss? What kiss you hated? 

Kissing is like dancing, the couple changes, has another rhythm, speed or way to lead. Kiss dancing, don’t kiss automatically, don’t kiss like you did your previous partner. A good kiss is to tune with the person, create that tension before kissing and to adapt your connection with his or her lips. Those kisses are never forgotten!

Other kisses that are not forgotten are those that poison you, and I do not mean poisoning your soul or heart, because when we kiss the poison still doesn’t come to the surface, unless it happens like it did to me. Last week a guy gave me one of the best kisses of my life. I did not expect my gluten intolerance to interfere in this beautiful moment. The man who kissed me had a beer before kissing me and after minutes or hours, those kisses that are not forgotten where interrupted. Suddenly I began to feel my belly inflated like a balloon, nausea and I had to run to the bathroom and leave my date.

No kidding this kiss poisoned my body with gluten. Many people believe that being intolerant to gluten, dairy or allergic to some food is a joke and doesn’t really affect you and when you kiss you are not even aware of the consequences. After this kiss I can tell you that if you are allergic, intolerant or don’t like the taste of some food, be aware in your date what the person  consumes, or in my case, I will ask for a gluten free kiss.



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