Bitcoin, Ether and Sex
By: Lawrence LanoffMay 24, 2018Views: 141
The rise of awareness of ETHER and BITCOIN makes me wonder if crypto currency is actually a good thing for great sex.
Having been involved in Bitcoin since 2011, I can say unequivocally, Bitcoin is amazing for sex. And so is ether. 
Here's why. When we consider our home currencies - what is also known as FIAT currency - what comes attached fiat is a ton of complicated and mixed emotions. 
Many studies show that financial stress is a major player in relationship strife. Money conversations are hard. Poverty is not fun. Financial stress is stressful. And that stress is not fun. 
However, crypto currencies are all about the flow of energy. Electricity. Time. Expansion.  Crypto currency is free of the emotional baggage associated with paper currencies. Crypto is free of the drama, history and scarcity mindset of cash. That's because Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It has no central governance. It exists only virtually for the people, by the people. Yet is value can be used and transferred very practically anywhere on the planet. The latest predictions for Bitcoin have been all over the place, but many believe Bitcoin will be at 10000 dollars per coin within the next two years. (as of this writing it is currently at 2440 dollars per coin.
Here’s the thing: when we can experience the "flow of money" it makes us more generous in energy and in spirit. Easy come, easy flow is my motto. And generous is exactly how I feel when it comes to crypto currencies. I love sharing the ideas and the energy to invite people to come into this incredible new space. I love sharing the core ideas of crypto currency and it’s idea to empower the people. 
Basically, Bitcoin and Etherium are revolutionizing the blockchain and the state of money - which means that it is also revolutionizing sex. 
So, for me, bitcoin and ether and sex go hand in hand. Freedom, flow and an open mind. This is how we shift from scarcity to abundance.
Safety and security is essential for good sex, because it allows for total freedom of love, vulnerability and self expression. And that’s how I feel about Bitcoin: secure, abundant and free flowing. And all of those definitely make for abundant love and better sex.
And incase any readers are feeling particularly in flow, and inspired - take the plunge into crypto currency and change your life. And if you want your own Bitcoin or Ether, I suggest you buy now before it jumps in price again and you have FOMO. Take action now. And just in case you want to share your crypto love, my Bitcoin address is 18Vf5LyrydVoSFGiXdL2GfhgpZnM53Byo8
We here at Yorgasmic believe It’s time to change our minds about money and sex. Here’s to crypto currency and more pleasure. 



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