Are alternative relationships for you?
By: Karina VelascoJuly 18, 2018Views: 71

An intimate network is composed of people who share similar ideas, support, love and intimacy. It is in essence a tribe of kindred spirits.
Lawrence Lanoff, Illumination and Freedom Guide


Why constrain our capacity to love to just one person? Why live your sensuality according to your partner? Experiencing love in all its incarnations, sharing smiles, caresses and intimacy with a circle of beings that are like-minded and who support your evolution—that is an intimate network.

Love is an infinite source; our capacity to love is infinite and through it we form a circle of friends with whom we can share intimacy, love, and occasionally, sexuality.
Being involved with different people simultaneously allows us to explore such an abundance of love, that we sometimes lack the capacity to understand and accept it. However, it leads us to understand ourselves on a very deep level, in a different dimension and to confront different patterns and conditioning that we have been indoctrinated with since birth. Becoming aware of these patterns through a relationship, gives you the opportunity to purify these stereotypes—that have made you a prisoner—in order to let them go and live free of your past.

Aside from these lessons, the intimate network provides you with waves of love where you think of nothing else but sharing and expanding your capacity to love. A never- ending supply of energy leads you to an ethereal ecstasy.

Barriers, bridges and obligations crumble; you give yourself without expectations and guided by love and desire, not responsibility. People who are part of an intimate network live in a space of love and giving, which enriches them daily.

This type of love life is ideal for single people who are not looking for long-term relationships or a steady partner. Although you are single, it is based on real intimmacy. In this type of lifestyle it is possible to form groups of friends with whom you establish intimate relationships where everyone participates.

Its members determine the variables of the group; there can be three men and four women, or five men and eight women. This doesn’t mean you have to share your sexuality with all of them—although you can—it means you are part of relationship where you give yourself authentically and you build a family that helps you grow, evolve and love on every level and mode.

You will have a spiritual connection with some members, with others a heart connection; with other there will be a sexual connection. It is an experience you live in the moment and it changes every day.

The intimate network has its challenges. Emotional intelligence and maturity are important to keep jealousy, fear of abandonment and feelings of rejection at bay. Communication is vital in these types of relationships so that they can remain harmonious. Their positive side—sustained by honesty—is safer sex, due to agreements amongst participants. In contrast, in conventional dating we rarely speak of our sexual history or if we are seeing someone else; quite the opposite, we often lie and deny.

It is time to live authentically and in truth with those around you. If it is your nature to be adventurous and you know yourself well—and you respect your desires and boundaries—this lifestyle may be for you.



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