The two challenges we face in relationships
By: Karina VelascoJanuary 17, 2019Views: 237


The success of a relationship depends on two factors: mutual compatibility and the desire to grow and change. If problems arise, and we see them as an opportunity to learn, we communicate and look for solutions. This in turn transforms your relationship. In all affectionate connections, as perfect as they may seem, there are ups and downs. Being aware of them and transforming your stories, emotions and reactions is essential in order to stay connected.



Negative emotions: jealousy, manipulation, possessiveness and controlling behavior. If we don’t change these, they can destroy a relationship and distance us from love. Defending our heart: If you create shields to protect yourself, you obstruct the flow of love that lives inside you. This blocks your energy and makes it hard for your energetic body to interact with someone else.

The boundaries we establish from our fears, inhibit love. However, if you establish them from  pure love, you will be able to connect fully and maintain your integrity and only allow into your life that which you can deal with.
The more you radiate love, the quicker your energy will flow; nothing that doesn’t belong to you can penetrate your energetic field.

It is important in love to recognize your own individuality and to know that you are responsible for your own path.
Remember that emotional connections mean more than a simple fairy tale; they are meant to serve, grow and love.

Relationships are meant to teach us to love and discover our true nature. They help us understand more about ourselves. They are an opportunity to grow and see things that we can’t see in ourselves. They are a mirror.
Relationships are sacred. Through them we come closer to our true nature, which is to be loving and full of light.

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