Manifesto of a Shape-shifter
By: Mari SierraNovember 17, 2018Views: 159


i'm falling into time

i'm soft and strong

i’m displaced

i’m an existencial immigrant

i taste primordial scents

i’m learning who i am

i don’t have a clue where I’ll be next

i felt abandoned, as I renounced one potential dream life

i’m anonymous

i’m a body researcher

i inspire and ignite inner revolutions

i’m hyper sensitive

i’m a wanderer polyglot

i decipher symbolic language

i speak with trees and flowers

i dance to understand

i’m permeable to new philosophies

i experiment with mind-expansive plants

i witness an emerging economy

i’m addicted to the digital spheres

i’m recouping my sense of self-worth

i’m reclaiming my identit(ies) 

i vow to Jung and Steiner and Jodorowsky

i’m celibate

i’m hyper-sensual

i envision a healing arts community

i train my attention

i see the light in memory

i investigate the liminal and sublime

i have an affair with the city

i practice derivé 

i try to embody my feminine powers

i miss my grandmother's presence

i empty my language from new age regurgitation

i aspire for a robust tranquility within, ataraxia  

i dream of revolutions and great storms

i know a king will slowly enter my life

i open my dreams as a theatrical practice

i swallow the eggs of drowned skinless sirens

i’m indifferent to politics

i cry when Trump visited Mexico

i rebel against capitalism, stock market and social injustices

i’m melancholic of the past, optimistic about the future

i feel the sublime now

i record sounds because i feel my memory is failing me

i feel i’m dying

i feel a divine queen

i explore the veil of the subconscious

i revisit manifestos to find where i stand

this is the epoch of spirituality, choosing to see the sublime and beautiful

to un-know what was affecting an asynchronous ripple

listen, listen, listen deeper, laugh a bit more

and let the essential breathe

stand in between the threshold of practice, risk and reality


become aware of this waking dream  

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