On becoming a women- part 1
By: Mari SierraMay 23, 2018Views: 46

A story of how individual healing can help us embody a more conscious & pluralistic society. 

I felt really connected to the celebration of International Women’s day this year, as I’ve taken the quest of becoming a woman really seriously. To write about my own psychology in challenging moments, is perhaps an attempt to explore the conflicts that the feminine role encounters in the reconstruction of the world. By finding my own language and articulation of the dilemmas of embodying my shifting values, I reclaim our feminine story and allow for my personal story of healing, to become a pathway for others to heal themselves and their relationships.

We are entering an era of relational spirituality. Persons become persons through relationship with other persons. One can develop emotionally, interpersonally and psychosexually, only when engaging in mutual co-inquiry: two people discussing options and deciding actions to transform their personhood, their society and their planet.

This is the story of how I’ve learned to navigate the complexities of individuating as a creative woman in the 21st century. I ask myself these questions frequently, and as a social being in the path of becoming, I ask them to every person I engage in deep conversation with, and it’s in this mutual inquiry that I begin to find the answers within me.

How do I become myself? Now that I have the freedom to choose my own path, liberated from the past conditioning and excited about affecting the future in positive ways, what do I need to do to fully embody my essence?

How to begin the construction of a new life chapter after a conscious separation? How do I find my role in the transformation of the world? and how do I make sense of the complex multi-cultural world we are living and find coherence inside of all the dimensions of my life?

As someone who works in the field of transformation (both at the personal and spiritual level, as well as the cultural and systemic), I feel a certain duty to share my personal journey of healing and maturing. It’s in the process of writing that I make meaning of it. And my hope is that by sharing it with you, I contribute to the global awakening of conscious leadership. By examining our collective shadows and embracing our full humanity (both light and dark), we can begin to evolve towards a more pluralistic and integral version of our futures, as men and women trying to thrive in our multicultural, secular, digital economies.


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