Watch out for your body signs!
By: Karina VelascoMay 23, 2018Views: 10

We live in a world that moves so fast that we don’t pay attention to how our body feels, what we feel and what we think.

If we listen to our body and mind we will notice emotions, thoughts or feelings that give us warnings that something may be wrong and that we are in time to fix it.

When we are not aware of these signs, we begin to complain on migraines, hernias or diseases. Emotionally, we accumulate anger, anger, grudges that activate stress levels in our physical body.

Notice simple things, like: what food you don’t like or what is the effect after you eat something. This signs can prevent tons of illnesses. Through them, our body informs us of what is going on. For example: If the thyroid is malfunctioning, you may feel depression or excessive fatigue. If your liver is not working properly, you may feel very irritated and grumpy. If stress is affecting your adrenal system, you may feel insomnia; And there are even "alarms" that warn us that a disease such as diabetes or cancer is about to form and that we can prevent taking action from the first symptom.

Habits in our society and doctors are experts at eliminating symptoms. A pill may make us feel good but it doesn’t address the root of the illness.

These simple questions will lead you to be more attentive to what your body and emotions want to communicate and will get you into action:

Before consuming any food: Is this what my body wants?

If you feel any pain: Is this pain expressing any emotion?

Do I have heartburn and sleep after eating? 

What part of my body hurts after I am mad?

Take a deep breath before making any decision

If your body feels tired, give it a rest; If you need activity, exercise.




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