Overweight and self-esteem
By: Karina VelascoMay 23, 2018Views: 15

Much has been said about obesity and the different effects it has on our physical health: The risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack are just a few. And what about those related to our mind, most of them caused by the various social pressures. The concepts of having a thin figure, styles in fashion and other family and individual character lead us to have, in short, low self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the value we give ourselves in relation to who we are, what we possess, what we know how to do, to our physical and intellectual capacities.

Here are some ideas that will help you get off the couch, loss weight and be empowered.


Passion. That is your main engine. Many of us are clear about what motivates us, be it our work, our family or some hobby. When we like something we do, when that passion moves us, we start the day in high hopes. Passion gives energy to go out to the world and create the life of your dreams. 


Love Yourself.  You are already perfect and unique without outside help; What you do will not make you better or worse. What you achieve is an extension of how you feel about yourself. Pressuring ourselves, finding a value to what we do or are, will only bring us frustration and disappointment. As soon as we accept ourselves, love and feel good, success will begin to flow.


Break free. Fear is created by our mind to limit ourselves. To be free, we have to break those limits. Try to change your routine from time to time, creating a different experience every week. Boredom and routine are the things that keep us going.


Be you. We are so afraid of what people think of us.We want to belong to a church, a community or a group of friends. For validation we pretend to be who they want.Take it upon yourself to be you. Find the freedom to express and don’t do anything that feels right for the sake of others.



Self honoring. Honor who you are and your true intention. If you want one thing and you reflect it in another way, you will end up feeling bad. Feeling good about your decisions and living with alignment of your values ​​or integrity, will give you a sense of peace.



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