You want energy? Look out for nutrients
By: Karina VelascoSeptember 20, 2018Views: 174

First it is important to understand that food needs are different in each person; Although there are minimum amounts of nutrients that must have a balanced diet, always thinking about the energy - energy expenditure - that each individual has in their daily activities. That is, people who exercise physically consistently can not have the same diet as a person who leads an "office" and / or sedentary life.


However, consuming varied foods in the quest to maintain an ideal weight, should include large amounts of fruits and vegetables. As for cereals and their derivatives, the consumption of "sufficient" quantities is recommended, combining them, in large measure with legumes and a very regulated intake of products of animal origin. In this way, we establish a balanced intake of foods with energy functions - such as carbohydrates -; Others that have structural functions - such as lipids -; And others that contain proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are of a "regulatory" character.


Food, then, contains all the essential nutrients necessary for the maintenance of our organism and also allow us to repair it from the "losses" that daily activities produce in it. We understand, therefore, that there is no complete food, and that is why in our diet we must include diversity of foods that make it rich enough to keep our body functioning properly, including the intake of water.



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