Failure, the best teacher
By: yorgasmicOctubre 30, 2018Views: 73

Yesterday morning I heard a teacher say to a student "I'm sorry, I was wrong" .... This struck me. It is such a strange skill today and at the same time so valuable, accepting one's mistakes and learning humbly from them.

When have been programmed to believe that wrong is wrong. That great masters never fail in their attempts, or that great artists never fail a movement. And we can not be further from the truth. We tend to view images or videos only with the perfect version of people who have been polished through the years and incessant attempts to achieve their trade, and we leave aside the thousand and one mistakes they made before achieving the right. And this also happens in daily work, in discussions and arguments to see who is right. Because let's face it, nobody likes to realize that their incorrect. But to accept when we make a mistake is the greatest door to growth, to learn something new, to know how not or how to do something. And then you can not make a fool of yourself, because we are always on the road to personal growth from the start.

 Knowing that there is always the possibility of being incorrect in what we say or do makes us human with the ability to evolve and improve day by day. Already one of the most influential minds in history said "I just know that I know nothing."


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