Authenticity, the best tool
By: yorgasmicJanuary 14, 2019Views: 114

There are two types of successful people. Those who seek to be the best in something, and those who are simply unique. We can spend our lives walking the path that others have marked and seek to compete with those who go there to stand out. Or we can walk our own path, and discover and create things we never imagine before. This is what authenticity is all about.

 Since we were small kids, almost all of us look for "to be different", and without realizing the majority end up copying a pattern of someone who is said to be, or who simply goes against the established. And of course, being inspired and having a role model is part of the step to creating our own identity. The time comes when, if we allow ourselves, we realize that no matter how much we want to imitate someone, we will never be what that other person is or has achieved. And this is because no one is better than another in being themselves. That it is where the wonderful journey begins towards one's own authenticity. To let us be what nobody has been, to create that masterpiece that no one has done. To speak like no one has spoken, to paint, to dance, to sing, as the world still does not know. And then I am no longer "normal" or "special", I am "unique."


The world needs authentic, free beings and who dare to create things that others have not created. You do not need to be better than anyone, you just need to be you.


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