Use time wisely!
By: yorgasmicNovember 13, 2018Views: 128

Has it happened that the day goes by and you didn’t do all you wanted to accomplish? Micro leakage of attention could be the problem. I have heard it over and over again from people who are determined to do something and they get distracted by their phone and from there we get immerse on a trip without time to the cyber world, only to return many minutes later and see their in the same place.


Nowadays we are constantly being bombarded with messages from whatsapp, facebook news, television, the ice cream vendor, the memory of yesterdays sex , and you know what else. For those who struggle with this constant distraction, the solution can be as simple as measuring time. Put a goal in a certain time, use the stopwatch of your cell phone, put it totally aside and get down to work! When it sounds, and you feel tempted or need to use social networks or ramble, put some time (short please) to do so. And continue with your next goal.



After a few hours you will notice how incredibly effective the use of your time was. Rather than forbid things, is to give them their space deserved after achieving our goals. Remember to include time to stretch, breathe, drink water, etc.


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