Is your skin suffocating you?
By: YorgasmicDecember 10, 2018Views: 151

During the shooting of James Bond movie “ Goldfinger” there was a strong rumor . The actress who had been covered in gold paint had died of suffocation. It was later discovered that the rumor was false. There have been other rumors, some say they where true. The reality is that not only through our nose and mouth there is an oxygen exchange. Our skin necessarily requires perspiration, and what we put on it affects this natural process.

In the case of body painting and constant makeup, the effects are easy to see when there is irritation of the skin or some obvious damage. Clothes are something different. Synthetic fibers are increasingly used in today's fashion, and for good reason: They are less expensive, easier to iron, take care, and make prints. However, they present a problem, apart from the fact of not easily decomposing and the possibility of causing some kind of allergy. Almost all make perspiration difficult and we realize when feeling "hotter". The most common, such as nylon, rayon and polyester, are made from oil, wood or charcoal, all materials that do not "breathe", and can cause havoc, especially in winter when completely covered with them, and in the case of Sportwear that makes them all look super sexy.


 What can we do? Well it's not about losing the style or getting rid of your favorite item. Try as much as possible to use natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, wool, linen, silk, hemp, etc. Look for the one that suits you, as it could also cause irritation of them, as sometimes happens with wool. And if you use synthetic fiber, try not to be so tight or leave it on while sleeping. This applies to sheets and blankets as well, since we spend many hours a day wrapped in them. Find the balance in the fashion that fits you.


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