Solar Nutrition - Minutes That Make the Difference
By: yorgasmicJanuary 17, 2019Views: 228


We are not talking about literally feeding on the energy of the Sun. But how useful it would be! Our body needs ultraviolet radiation, and besides a sun bath is really delicious, sensual and revitalizing. But how important is it and how much time is needed?


As many know, Vitamin D can only be synthesized by being exposed to sunlight in an amount of time. This "solar vitamin" plays a very important role in our health. It allows us to properly absorb calcium and phosphorus, basic minerals for the maintenance of bones, teeth and other organic functions. It also regulates and strengthens our immune system. All this, among other things, supports us from digestion, to prevent depression, and joint pain, as well as combat various diseases.


The complex thing is to know how long we should sunbathe. There is a lot of discussion and research about it as the factors are enough: Skin type, age, quantity of clothing, posture, time of day, pollution, place where you live, season of the year, etc. Taking this into account, for most people with complexions between white and brunette, in casual clothes (arms and naked face), 10 to 20 minutes of direct exposure a day will be enough. The darker the skin, and the older it is, and the further away from the equator, the more time will be needed.


Remember that due to excessive time, there is a risk of burns and other health damage. And we've all been to the beach sometime and got a sunburn. However, today there are many cases of vitamin D deficiency, especially for those who spend all day inside the house or office. As everything in life, balance is the key. So enjoy the sun on your face for a while and smile while it nourishes you. The latter will make a big difference.




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