Erectile dysfunction in adulthood? Maybe the solution is in your kitchen
By: yorgasmicMay 23, 2018Views: 16


 Do you feel it’s not getting easy to get an erection? Do you worry that your men can’t get a hard on? It is a fairly common as men age, there are many factors that may be playing a role in getting you hard as a rock, but we will focus on a easy and accesible solution.


Lack of testosterone is somewhat recurrent as you age, there are associated factors that can help reverse the lack of this neurotransmitter. First, please avoid taking testosterone pills! Your body is designed to create testosterone, not to receive it. By supplementing it artificially, the body begins to become loose and fails to produce its own amount.


In addition, there is usually an increase in estrogen, which makes the female characteristics more evident, such as larger breasts, smoother skin, and increased abdominal fat. The latter creates a vicious cycle, creating more aromatase, which in turn increases the amount of estrogen, which in turn increases abdominal fat, and it’s a never ending story. Therefore, we must get rid of extra estrogen and reduce abdominal fat as much as possible. The secret is very simple: Eat whole lemons. In their shell and its white spongy interior is a great ally: D-limonene, a natural terpene that helps to get rid of estrogen and accelerate the elimination of abdominal fat. In addition, it is a great support in case of kidney stones and protection against certain types of cancer.



So start retaking your manhood with something as simple as this. You can liquefy it well enough to be able to drink it whole in the morning and between meals. Also look for organic food, since many pesticides usually have estrogens in them. Finally, remember to experiment new things in your sexual games. Make it fun, different, exotic. Passion is an important part of staying strong and foreplay can be a great aphrodisiac.



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